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We use the good ole USPS, so shipping may sometimes take a minute but with provided tracking numbers and the reliability of your local Post Office your order will arrive. All orders are shipped in our sampler box. Cookies are bagged and labeled and then sealed with our sticker label to insure quality and security that you're the first person to open it. 

 With the USPS they you will see the arrival date or your order, all we can promise is that we will have your order shipped ASAP at all times. 



 If you live in the Eastern North Carolina area, and want to make a trip to visit us in person? All you have to do is find the truck that looks like a Mullet. Or you can find us on social media (Facebook or Instagram) for our current locations. If after hours leave us a message and I am sure we can make sure your receive your order. We will always do what we can within reason to make sure you have a great experience with us. 

  Brian started this during the time of a pandemic because why not? People compelled to stay at home and not gather in large mass. Why not offer a way for people to still get great items and not have to worry and being gathered together in a closed space. The food truck is the ultimate delivery vehicle 

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