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About Us.


   We at 3/1 Cookies & Coffee understand that we don't bring the largest cookie to the table.  to be honest at a certain age we understand that size does matter to some, but most people want adventure and high quality products. That is why we offer amazing flavors you have never tried before. made with the highest quality products available. With flavors like. Kentucky Coffee a cookie made with Bourbon, coffee and white chocolate, Bourbon soaked mango and Butterscotch. BMP Bacon, Maple and Peanut butter With or without chocolate.

   Our business owner/operator realized 5 years ago that a chocolate chip cookie no matter if it's 12 pounds or under a pound is still just a chocolate chip cookie. So he aspires to bring things to tempt you and inspire you to create in your own kitchen.

    Brian is a rare person who has overcome much and has found joy in making other people smile though the gift of taste and art. He grew up in Alaska with fresh foods and exotic ingredients. Growing up in that beautiful state taught him that sometimes adventure is more important then a destination.   During his adventures he moved to Boston in 2000 where he took his management skills to turn a losing kitchen into a power house. Living in that climate taught him the enduring desire for the basic style foods but done RIGHT. Give us a try you may never order a boring just chocolate chip cookies again (But we do offer don't judge.)

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